Apply to Star on HI-YA

Attention Online Influencers, TV and Movie Stars, Music Stars, Sports Stars!

In the coming months HI-YA will be adding lots of different stars to our platform.

If you have fans and want to star on HI-YA’s unique platform as talent, you can contact us here and we’ll be in touch.

★ Stars can freely use as and when they want.

★ Stars set and change their price or any other details freely at anytime they choose.

★ Stars are not held to any contracts nor are bound to any agreements and can close their accounts at anytime.

★ Stars can use to generate money for their charities, themselves or both.

★ Stars will be paid by PayPal instantly after recording each video, or if preferred, at regular intervals. The payments can be sent to either themselves, their charities, their agents or managers.

So to learn more and to help us learn about you too, please use the form below to contact us.  


All of the information submitted on this form is treated in the strictest confidence.