About us

Here at HI-YA we’re on a mission:
to give millions of people unique access to connect with their favourite Influencers and Stars.

We know ourselves that when you love a Youtuber, Vlogger, Instagrammer, Social Media Celeb or a TV or Movie Star, it’s more than what they do – it’s who they are.

And believe it or not, the stars of today are as eager as ever to engage and connect with their supporters.

That’s where we step in!

We want to help break down the barriers between the stars and YOU! The fans.

That’s why we’re building a fun and friendly online community that brings the people you know, and the people you’re dying to know, together.

Our first tool is the highly innovative INSTANT personalised celebrity video messages – which allows our users to create and send a huge range of star based personalised videos… instantly! 

You simply choose from our list of influencers and stars, decide what you want them to say, personalise it and send it to that lucky friend.  Easy as that!  …and those Instant messages are free!

Next up was our our acquisition of the long established video messaging site CelebVM.com

We have now onboarded most of the pro-active CelebVM stars into HI-YA,
to provide them with a new platform and even greater opportunities to connect with their fans!

So whatever you want to say – you can make it unforgettable with HI-YA !

“Get Closer with HI-YA”

Our Mission Statement

“At HI-YA you’re only a few clicks from getting a message from your hero!”