Can't find your name?

Can’t find your name?

Here on HI-YA, our stars ‘say’ the names, and sometimes even though it will sound the same, several names can have a few different spellings. eg: Shaun / Shawn / Sean, Cate or Kate etc.

Try different spellings first

We have over 1000 of the most popular names but if the name you are looking for is not on here with the exact same spelling,  please try variations of the spelling first – eg: Cathy or Kathy. 

You may find a similar ‘sounding’ name and although it may be spelled a little differently,
it could still be one that will work just as well in your video message.
(remember: its all about what you can HEAR the star say!)

Use a generic – pal – friend – dad etc

If we do not have a name that you’d like to use, you can always use one of our generic title options – friend – pal – dad etc. and still be able to create an INSTANT HI-YA video message.

Let us know

However if there is a name that you’d really love to hear a particular star saying, then please let us know by using the form below.

We may be able to add it quickly and let you know when it’s available by reply!