Fun with HI-YA

HI-YA is pretty proud of the fact that all of our stars can instantly say over 1000 different names, (with both the sender and receiver typically mentioned in one video), plus lots of different occasions and event messages, and with different intro’s and outro’s – so it means that there are a gazillion different possible permutations of unique messages from each star!  

Reasons to send a HI-YA

OK – there are lots n’ lots of reasons, but here are a few of the main ones….

It’s really easy to use!
It’s Free!
It’s FUN! 

It’s their birthday! or some other occasion special to them.
You forgot to buy a card, it happens..

You know they are a big fan of one of our stars so it would be very special to them

You just want to make someone smile

You just found HI-YA and want to surprise someone with a quick message

You know you can now easily impress someone important to you

You know you will look so totally ‘well connected’ to one of our stars (or all of them)

You’ve had a disagreement and want to make them smile as a way of saying sorry.

You just want to let someone know they are special to you

You might just want to wind up your mates with off topic messages!

You want to wish someone good luck with something

to be contd….


Send us your reaction videos!

Because HI-YA videos are INSTANT, you can sneakily surprise a friend if they are nearby, and then take a video of their reaction as they open it on their own phone – genius, we know!
They may have just mentioned one of our stars and now they have a message from them, saying their name,
all thanks to you!  

Reaction Video Prizes   – we are offering a special prize for the best reaction video, each month, when you film someone getting and viewing one of our instant celeb video messages and then send that video to us.
It will be judged by one of our stars.

Tip: If nearby, make sure they can’t hear your phone as you preview the finished message before sharing it to them!