Eltoria's Bio

If you’re a beauty fan, law graduate Eltoria is a British beauty, fashion and fitness blogger best known for unboxing beauty advent calendars, subscription boxes and modeling her latest fashion purchases with dedicated hauls from Primark, LUSH and more – all on her popular self-titled YouTube channel. 

When she’s not looking at the latest lippy, Simone Partner (the girl behind Eltoria) is vlogging alongside her co-host and insanely cute pet micro-pig, Milo! Yes, you read that correctly.

In addition to YouTube, she has a successful website and blog which features a host of insightful articles, videos and products to browse and buy – it’s no wonder she wears the crown for a number of accolades from UK Blog Awards, Olympia Beauty Awards, and Harley Street Skin Clinic.

If you want to send a fun-loving message to somebody that’s make-up mad, Eltoria is your girl!