Stuggy's Bio

Stuggy, the fantastic (and slightly bonkers) social media entertainer is officially available to create your personalised messages on HI-YA!

Born Stuart Barter, he quit his removal van job when his social media fame grew over on his Vine account ‘Stuggy’, which is full of pranks, pugs, and practical jokes on his mates – our personal favourite being his ‘Try Not To Laugh At Stuggy’ compilations.

Seriously, try it. Stuggy also shares a YouTube channel called StUgGy&AsHtOn with his wife Ashton, which showcases their wacky but wonderful marriage – which contributes towards the 3 million followers across his social media accounts.

As an aspiring comedy actor and writer, Stuggy’s messages on HI-YA are delivered in his own very funny style – and are sure to bring a smile!